Bill Tomczak - clarinet / sax / banjo uke / dumbek

Kate Barnes - piano / guitar / flute

Dave Langford - fiddle / guitar
Stuart Kenney - bass / banjo

Memfest 2017

If you contra dance, you probably know The Latter Day Lizards. Memphis Contra Dancers are thrilled to bring them back for another Memfest dance weekend.

The Lizards play  an enormous and eclectic repertoire of dance music, but it's never quite the same tune twice. Irish and Scottish traditional jigs and reels, Balkan, blues and swing tunes, rock and roll and jazz influences combine to make a dance experience like no other. 

The Memfest lineup includes Kate Barnes on piano, guitar and flute, Bill Tomczak on clarinet, sax and drum, Dave Langford on fiddle and guitar, and Stuart Kenney on bass and banjo.

Caller Lisa Greenleaf has been treating dancers across the country to her high spirited, witty calling for many years, and is known for precise walk-throughs of zesty and flowing dances. Whether she is presenting cool contras, hot squares, or focused callers' workshops, Lisa engages the crowd with her humor and community spirit.

March 10-12 in Memphis, TN

Memphis Contra Dancers

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